Zomato and Swiggy Which one is better?

Zomato and Swiggy Which one is better?

Zomato and Swiggy Which one is better?

zomato and swiggy

There were times when we used to keep flyers of restaurants and used to save the number of dominos and pizza hut. So that we can call them and can have our food at home just by calling them.

As easy it sounds it was not easy for introverts. But thanks to technology as time evolved we got food delivering apps like Zomato and Swiggy. They made ordering food is so easy that everyone nowadays orders food daily.


The food delivery app has been a savior for hostlers and people who just love outside food. You can spot deliveries boys of zomato and swiggy in every street. Even during the time of corona lockdown these delivery people working hard to deliver the grocery and food.

Both zomato and swiggy are way ahead of any other food delivering startup. But the big answer we all want to know Zomato or Swiggy which one is better. Let’s find out in this post.

Zomato and Swiggy

Zomato was founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. Currently, zomato is covering more than 24 countries and more than10,000 cities. When it is founded its name was foodiebay which change to Zomato in 2010. Zomato is leading in food delivery startup chain. Zomato acquired the market soon after its launch.


Other than zomato only swiggy has the potential to compete with zomato. Swiggy was founded in 2014 by Nandan Reddy. Sriharsha Majety and Rahul Jaimini. Swiggy is still growing, swiggy is operating in 100 Indian cities. Other than food swiggy expands into the delivery of general products.


Both zomato and swiggy have their own app. While zomato app focuses on founding the new restaurant it never clearly shows the menu. On the other hand, swiggy make it easier to access the menu of the restaurant.

Both apps are user friendly. The filtering option of swiggy is better than zomato. But on the other hand, zomato has some other features like “recent rating trend”. It shows the past rating of the restaurant. Which makes it easy to decide from where you want the food.

Who has more restaurant

Both zomato and swiggy have big restaurants. But you can find a local restaurant on both of the app. Even the smallest restaurant near your house can be found on zomato. Currently, zomato has more restaurants as compared to swiggy.

Who has lightning fast delivery

Zomato and swiggy both claimed that they deliver faster than the other. But this is not the reality. When it comes to delivering swiggy deliver faster than the zomato.

Timing shows in swiggy app for delivering the food is pretty accurate as compared to zomato. Sometimes zomato shows that your food will be delivered in 40 min but in reality, even after 40 mins your order hasn’t left the restaurant. Swiggy has more manpower. Swiggy has more deliveries boy as compared to zomato.


Coupon and offer

While zomato has more restaurants. Swiggy has no minimum order option which is why users prefer swiggy. But on the other hand, zomato always has some discount coupons which you can use and can save some money.

Swiggy also provides coupons but zomato also provides cashback coupons over and above the restaurant offers of discounts.

Zomato zero commission model has been beneficial for restaurant owners. Where swiggy charges 18-20% of the commission. Both swiggy and zomato are good in different fields. Some users prefer zomato’s ratings and coupons. Some users go with swiggy’s delivery.

Other than zomato and swiggy there are more food delivery startups in the market. Some of them mentioned below.

  1. Food Panda
  2. Tasty Khana
  3. Just Eat
  4. Faasos
  5. Food Mingo
  6. Hola Chef

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