The Nova Effect-How Bad Luck is Good Luck In Disguise?

The Nova Effect-How Bad Luck is Good Luck In Disguise?

Some of us heard about the short animated story “The Nova Effect” by The Pursuit of Wonder well we’ll get it to later.

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But many still have some questions about what is the nova effect and from where it come from? In this article, we’ll discuss some crucial details of the nova effect.

What Is The nova effect?

The nova effect is a term that explains how bad things can be turned out good for you. When you see life from a bigger perspective. How bad luck is good luck in disguise.

Alan Watts stated that- Its impossible to determine if the outcome of any situation will be good or bad until the future is fully realized.

According to the nova effect, It’s not necessary that if something awful is happening in your life it will bring bad luck or will affect your life in a bad way.

nova effect

Sometimes all you have to do is wait for the real outcome of the situation. Because you don’t know what is bad luck for you right now could be good luck in the long run.

Choice of the nova effect

You can always make a choice about your life but you can’t control the outcome of the situations.

For e.g- You can jump a crossing signal. You can make the choice whether you want to jump it or you want to follow the rule. It’s in your hand.

Choice of the nova effect

But what’ll happen after that whether you’ll survive or you’ll hit by another moving car, it’s not in your hand?

Origin of the nova effect

Now, lets come to the point from where the nova effect is originated? There is a profound short animated tale by The Pursuit of Wonder youtube channel that explained a fictional story about a man and his dog and, how his life changed in a positive manner.

Origin of the nova effect

Whereas he used to think about what’s happening in his life is because of his bad luck.

Story by The Pursuit of Wonder- “A man named Eric is on a walk with his dog, Nova. While on the walk, Eric loses Nova after she pulls the leash from his hand in pursuit of a rabbit that happens to jump out of a bush as they pass by it. Eric chases after Nova, but this only inspires her to run faster until she completely eludes Eric’s vision, continuing on her pursuit of the rabbit that has, by now, hidden somewhere in the other direction. After a great deal of searching, it becomes clear that Nova has outrun her sense of orientation and is now lost. Eric spends the rest of the day and the days following, searching for Nova. He notifies neighbors, enlists friends and family to help, puts up signs, and so on. A week goes by. Nova is still missing. Eric is devastated beyond comprehension. He thinks about how horribly unlucky it was that the rabbit jumped out at just the wrong time and that his hand position was just in the wrong place to allow Nova to pull the leash from it. After about another goes by, a woman shows up at Eric’s front door. She has Nova. After Nova and Eric reconnect in a chaotic, heartwarming display of affection, Eric thanks the woman. She’s beautiful and about Eric’s same age. She introduces herself and tells Eric her name is Vanessa. Eric and Vanessa talk for a little while and seem to hit it off. In the following weeks, they hang out several times and things go so well, they soon begin dating. Eric finds her to be absolutely gorgeous, kind, funny, smart, spontaneous. All the right buzzwords for a perfect romantic partner in a story. Soon, Eric and Vanessa fall in love. The relationship is everything one could reasonably hope a relationship to be. Eric thinks about how lucky it was that Vanessa was the person who happened to be in the right place at the right time to find and return Nova. A couple of months go by. Eric is driving, on his way to pick up Vanessa. While driving through an intersection, Eric is t- boned at full speed by a driver who distractedly runs a red light coming from the perpendicular side street. Eric is knocked unconscious as he and his car are sent in a thrashing 1080- degree spin. An hour or so later, Eric finds himself in a hospital. A doctor informs Eric of what has happened and explains that he has suffered a severe head injury and that they will need to run some immediate tests as well as a brain scan to determine the severity, and if there’s any chance of permanent brain damage or internal bleeding. Eric thinks about how unlucky he was to have been going to get Vanessa, in the exact direction at the exact time he was. He’s furious at the possibility that his life might be ruined because of this one, random happenstance. Eric is held overnight at the hospital. The next day, the doctor comes to Eric’s room. “Eric, how we doing?” the doctor asks. “Fine. A little fuzzy I guess.” Eric replies. “Yeah, I would certainly imagine. You took quite the smack.” “Yeah.” Eric responds. “So, I’ve reviewed the CT scan and I have some bad news, but I also have some good news.” Concerned, Eric says, “Ok Uhm I guess I’ll take the bad news first.” “Well, technically, they’re sort of the same piece of news.” Says the doctor. “What do you mean?” Eric asks with an escalating level of concern and confusion. “The bad news is we found what appears to be a glioma in your brain.” The doctor pauses for a moment, as Eric looks at him, unaware of what this means. “It’s a tumor.” The doctor goes on to say. “The good news though is we found what appears to be a glioma in your brain.” “What do you mean? How is that good news?” Eric asks. “This tumor has nothing to do with your accident. You actually got out of the accident relatively unharmed. But because of your accident, we ran the brain scan. Because of the brain scan, we found the tumor. Normally, we only catch a tumor-like this after someone realizes something’s wrong when they start to feel the symptoms, which is almost always too late. Because we found the tumor right now, though, we caught it while it’s still benign, before it became malignant and grew into any other areas of your brain, which would have almost certainly been fatal. Since it’s still in this stage, we should be able to remove it almost entirely without issue. Eric, in a weird way, this car accident basically saved your life. So I guess, you know, sort of good news disguised as bad news.” The doctor concludes. Eric starts to feel a weird visceral tingling sensation and becomes slightly disoriented. Maybe it’s the head injury. Maybe it’s the emotion of the situation. Maybe it’s the fact that the doctor just essentially said the same thing twice, but Eric experienced two totally different mental responses. Maybe it’s everything. He looks around the room. He thinks about how lucky he was to have been going to get Vanessa, in the exact direction at the exact time he was. He thinks about how lucky he was to have gotten in the car accident. He thinks about how weird it is to think this. For something so bad to be so good and for something so good to be so bad. Eric realizes how little he knows about anything actually. That he has never and can never know what exists on the other side of anything that happens to him or because of him, no matter how good or bad, lucky or unlucky any of it might seem. Eric feels a strange paradoxical sense of helplessness and liberation. About a week later, Eric undergoes brain surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery is successful. Eric is mostly as good as new, with exception to a scar running down the side of his scalp. Several days later, after being released from the hospital, Eric is at home with Vanessa, recovering. To get some fresh air, he takes Nova out for a walk.”

Eric thinks it’s his bad luck when he loses his dog. But because of that bad luck, he got Vanessa. And, even if he had an accident he got something good from it. So it was all good luck in disguise.

How the nova effect can change your life?

People tend to start blaming everything when they face little discomfort in their life. Because they don’t know there is a longer outcome of the situation.

How the nova effect can change your life?

Well, the nova effect is all about that. How can the nova effect change your life positively? What things you should consider?


As the nova effect illustrates you should look at the longer outcome of the day situation. It’s a good thing to be an optimistic person. But people lose optimism as soon as they think life is not going as they planned for it.


It’s not a good thing because people never knew what life has for them in the long run because people don’t understand how life works. So one should be an optimist and wait for the life to show its all cards.

Change the perspective of life

At the moment what you are feeling towards life, events which look like bad luck might actually be profound good luck and which might change your course of life.

Change the perspective of life

People should not lose hope because something bad is happening right now because it can change at any instant that’s the complexity of life. That’s how life works.

Avoid negative thoughts

Sometimes people want something because all humans have a desire for something and if they don’t get what they want.

They think life is unfair to them. And next thing you know they start blaming their luck or life. It’s not fair.

According to Dalai Lama, “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck”.

So people should always hope for the best things, looking for positive things rather than look for negative vibes. Looking at every moment as an opportunity.

And if your bad luck is not worked for you like a stroke of good luck then it’s not the end yet. All you have to do wait for it and sooner you’ll feel the nova effect.


Just like eric when we face little problem in our life we think its bad luck and we start blaming life for that.

We never look at the bigger picture of what life brought for us. We never wait for the end result. But in the end, its all good luck working in disguise.

Below you can watch the animated video on The Nova Effect.

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