The unknown world Importance of art

The unknown world Importance of art

Being someone who’s been blessed with the ability to create, I think I am able not to tell you but to talk to you about the importance of art.

Art has never been confined to a particular field. If you think that only sketching and painting is art, then you did not get it right.

Art helps us to grow and evolve in our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.

It is the free expression of the human mind and senses.

importance of art

The reason it is called a ‘free expression’ is what exactly defines it. It defines one’s ability to imagine and create.

Be that dance; music; literature; sculpture; painting or something else, it brings people together.

The purpose of art is to communicate ideas no matter what the medium is?

For instance; Leo Tolstoy in his literary works of art “War and Peace” has described his own experiences of the Crimean war.

One of the most common activities that get the mind in the flow state is art.

The “Flow State” has been described as a state of mind in which one is so deeply engraved in the task at hand that one forgets about the rest of things, and stays focused on that specific task for extended periods of time.

FINE ART (Importance of art)

Talking about one of its beautiful forms; Fine art ( painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry. Out of these 5, I personally have tried my hands-on painting. And to the people who think it is necessary to create a masterpiece, have got it all wrong.

Why is it so?

This Painting Sold For Millions Dollars

Because if a painting like this can be sold for millions.Then, believe me, you are not very far from being a billionaire.

Have you ever tried to paint something in your life? Well, if you have then you can feel my words. And if you haven’t, then mark my words it is an amazing experience.

It helps to release the negative emotional build-up from our minds and allows us to pour our feelings onto the paper.

Try it someday when you feel like doing it. Just grab a paper, some paints, and brushes (or you could use your hands but it’ll be a bit messy).

And try to draw whatever comes to your mind but remember one thing that you are not being evaluated. Just feel and enjoy the process.

Why should we try it?

In our busy modern lifestyle, we have got a lot of stuff to be stressed about. People are struggling to find some ways to release that stress and anxiety somehow.

And this is one of the most beautiful and fun ways to do that. (Because what can be more fun than messing up with some colors)

Painting is considered to be a proven and efficient way to reduce stress and to stimulate an optimistic attitude. It really does.

While painting our mind focuses on the task at hand and concentrates at the moment which helps us to get rid of our negative thoughts and the daily hassles of life.

It is like finding peace in the chaos.

Painting can be considered as a kind of emotional unburdening. It is just like opening up about our emotions to someone without them even knowing it.

It has meditative effects on one’s mind and with each brushstroke, it untangles all the threads in mind leaving an individual more peaceful and relaxed.

And to ground ourselves in a peaceful state of mind and allowing things to flow in our lives is crucial to excelling in life.

Hello to whoever is reading this. I welcome you to my little world. (

Just like all the other individuals who are seeking a way to express their thoughts and feelings, here I am on your phone screens.

Whatever you are going to read here isn’t merely a bunch of words but a reflection of me.

Try not just to read the words rather feel it.
I hope you have a great time knowing me and hope you feel connected. 

You can find more about me here.

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