How to become micro influencer on instagram and earn 100$ per post

How to become micro influencer on instagram and earn 100$ per post

You all are active on Instagram and use it daily. Using social network has become an essential part of your life. Sometimes you all think how amazing it would be if someone pays you to use your Instagram account. Yeah, you heard it right you can earn money through your Instagram account by becoming a micro influencer on Instagram. To become an actor need to act, to become a chef you need to cook but, what you need to become a “micro-influencer” on Instagram all you need an Instagram account and a good personality.

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If you have more than 5,000 Instagram followers you can earn hundreds of dollars from one single post. You don’t have to be a famous person to become a micro influencer on Instagram. Many of my acquaintances grown their account from zero to 5-6 figures in just a year.

Why brands prefer micro influencer on Instagram?

Here is the big question arrive why any brand prefers micro-influencer on Instagram over celebrities. Now, let me tell you that according to the brand’s social manager a celebrity charge up to 7500 $ for a single post, whereas micro-influencer charges up to a hundred dollars for a post.

Micro-influencers always engaged with their followers that increase engagement and brand get a boost. Whereas celebrities always lack engagement activities.

Now big question arrive how you can become micro-influencer on Instagram for any brand

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Build Yourself/ Build your account

First, you need to work on your Instagram account. Create a consistent, pleasing and engaging account by doing this you create a fan base for your account. Provide real value to your followers post regularly on your account and give something valuable to your followers so they can easily engage with you and feel connected toward your account. Make your presence more unique and appealing to brands.


We all can agree using proper hashtags you can easily reach people who are looking for something that you are offering. Create a list of keyword that you want your account to be associated with. Use these keywords in the hashtag to gain followers and attract the attention of brands.

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Never underestimate the power of account bio. Your bio should have a very small description of yourself, it should have keywords that related to your interests and your niche. It must have your contact information, your location, etc. If you have your blog or website then mention it in your bio.

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A good influencer is also a great storyteller. Use your post to tell the stories. Focus on the details of the post.  Create themed base content for your followers.


Engagement is the most important thing for an influencer Don’t be shy! Respond to comments you get on your post, always try to post something that raises some questions so your users can comment on that. For an influencer, it is necessary to build that communication connection with its audience. Try to leave a comment on other Instagram accounts this improves your visibility and reputation.

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Now, come to the question that asked by everyone how and where to find brands?

There are many websites that connect influencers to brand. You can connect to an Influencer marketing agency, Influencer marketing agency act as a middleman between brand and influencers. Below is a list of some influencer marketing agency.

·  1. Upfluence – Influencer Marketing Platform

·  2. AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence)

·  3. #paid

·  4. CreatorIQ – Influencer Marketing Platform

·  5. Tagger

·  6. Post for Rent

·  7. SocialBakers

·  8. Hypr

·  9. Advowire

·  10. InstaBrand

·  11. Klear

·  12. Julius

·  13. BrandBacker

·  14. Content BLVD

·  15. Exposely

·  16. FameBit

·  17. Find Your Influence

·  18. Grapevine Logic

·  19. Blogmint

·  20. InkyBee

·  21. InNetwork

·  22. IZEA

·  23. Mustr

·  24. Adly

·  25. Onalytica

·  26. TapInfluence

·  27. Traackr

·  28. NeoReach

·  29. Webfluential

·  30. Zoomph

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