How the Kaizen way can impact your life positively [The Kaizen event]

How the Kaizen way can impact your life positively [The Kaizen event]

How the Kaizen way can impact your life positively [The Kaizen event]

When it comes to the quality of life or improvement or how to be a good citizen. Japanese people come first. Japanese people have some sets of rules they follow to achieve things in their life that’s why Japan is one of the most successful countries.

Japan is the founder of IKIGAI. Those who don’t know IKIGAI is a Japanese secret of happiness. You can read about it here. Japan is the origin of all the good anime shows and tasty candies. Other than these things Japan also finds the Kaizen way.

What is Kaizen way and how it can impact your life?

How the Kaizen way can impact your life positively [The Kaizen event]

Kaizen is a Japanese word it means good change. It is introduced by big companies after world war 2.

It is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency with in the organizations.

The Kaizen way [The Kaizen event] is part of Six Sigma. And it is a process of improvement and is one of the many tools you can use and utilize for process improvement.

The outcome of the Kaizen event is an actionable plan for intervention to an existing process. Kaizen is small incremental changes in a process to benefit the whole.

Theory of the Kaizen way

How the Kaizen way can impact your life positively [The Kaizen event]

The theory of the Kaizen way [The Kaizen event] is to find small changes that can impact the organization on a major level. How minor changes can impact big. How small changes can be beneficial for the growth of the organization.

The core tenets of the Kaizen event is to define process flow and share that process flow with the event team. And improve the process by focusing on the current state and collaboratively find solutions.

It is narrowly focused on a specific process so that you can be immediate with your implementation.

The Kaizen way process

How the Kaizen way can impact your life positively [The Kaizen event]

The Kaizen way is small-scale change, as a means to create lasting change. It is essential to keep in mind that a Kaizen event (The Kaizen way) is an intervention not an end-to-end solution.

It will result in a tweak or modification to a specific focused process. Psychologically people become discouraged when the big change doesn’t result quickly or doesn’t match their expectations.

No matter how unrealistic change sound the best way to avert this problem is to set realistic expectations that can be achieved on the human scale.

Incremental changes are easier to implement and are more lasting. System, organizations and individuals are comprised of interdependent components.

How this real-life example of the Kaizen way can impact your life

Metaphorically if a car is broken down, the best mechanic will analyze the root cause for the breakdown make one change, and observe if that changed helped or not and make a decision based on the outputs to determine what to do next.

Evidence proves that when you change too much all at once you cannot be certain that anyone change resulted in positive gains.

If the mechanic decided to change the entire system without checking the small problems that can fix the issue. It’ll cost you more. You’d be massively disappointed.

By focusing on the step by step process you can highlight and understand dependencies. It will define the order of operations and show possible opportunities for improvement. That’s where the Kaizen way helps to define the process.

Find the roadblocks or wrenches and then remove them to improve or optimize performance. This change happens on a human scale limited in scope.

Therefore it can be easily implemented between one to three individuals. It doesn’t require large-scale reconfiguration or restructuring.

The Kaizen way of continuous improvement is focused on the process because it can easily be divided into parts for analysis.

It is also under the immediate control of the individuals. Impacted part of the process mapping will provide you with a clear view of how the process currently works.

By collaboratively mapping out the current state it creates a shared mental model or a shared understanding of what’s actually happening not what should be or what you think will happens.

The Kaizen way process also identifies a flow it shows all event participants, how everything under consideration is interconnected by analyzing the process steps.

Ye can collaboratively determine if there are some missing steps, there are too many steps, the steps meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.

Metrics are what matters to your customer therefore you need to understand how they’re often general or broad-based needs can be defined by specific measures.

They are a baseline of service they are proof and evidence in addition, metrics are an excellent way to define your organizational direction.

They are an honest and unbiased opinion to get at the truth of your current state. This is an essential piece of the Kaizen way.

Without metrics, there’s no way to determine the success of a change next steps define the current process roles or players this can be a racy chart, but it should focus specifically on the process deliverables, that each member must deliver metrics for measurement.

This is the tangible outcome to inform the individual contributor whether or not they have met expectations.


The Kaizen way can impact and change your organization in a better way. The kaizen way is not only for your organization you can also use it for self improvment.

How you can use the kaizen way for self improvement

All you have to do is find a problem that is stopping you from growing. Yes, it’s that simple you have to find that problem and focus on that problem. Fix one problem at a time and you’ll see how fixing small things small problems in your life can impact your life in a big way.

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