Alpha male, Beta male, Gamma male, Omega male, Sigma male which are you according to your personality traits?

Alpha male, Beta male, Gamma male, Omega male, Sigma male which are you according to your personality traits?

What type of male are you among alpha male, beta male, gamma male, omega male, and sigma male?

Alpha male, Beta male, Gamma male, Omega male, Sigma male which are you according to your personality traits?

What is a gamma male?  What kind of male are you alpha, beta, gamma, omega, and sigma? How to know if you’re dealing with a gamma male?  Difference between alpha, beta, gamma male personality type? How alpha males act when they are in relationships? Alpha, gamma male characteristics psychology? What are the alpha, gamma male negative traits? How is alpha, beta, gamma male lifestyle?

In this article, We’ll discuss the myth that created around male personality. By the end of the article, you’ll understand the different traits of a male personality.

Everyone heard about the term “alpha”. The concept of the alpha males was used in wolf and chimpanzees.  In wolf alpha male always considered as a leader of the pack. In chimpanzee alpha male has this power of superiority over other beta males, gamma male and alpha male attract a female for procreation. Alpha chimp rips tree stumps out of the ground to show their dominance.

alpha male

Some research shows that no one used alpha term for men until 1960. Later some researcher observes a colony of a chimpanzee so that they can get some insights and can learn about their behavior. After the research, they found it interesting how the behavior of chimpanzees is similar to humans.  After the release of the book Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes in 1982. People start to use alpha male terms for humans.

Alpha males act differently in animals as compared to men. Because men are more complex than animals.

Alpha Male

When we think about the alpha male only thing that comes in our mind is dominance. We think that alpha male is someone who is physically strong, attractive, and aggressive, and someone who has god-like physique.  They are considered extroverted and sexist.

alpha male

What are the actual traits of the alpha males?

As Dr. Jane Cox, an internationally-renowned human behavior expert explained Alpha males considered to be determined they have great decision-making ability. They always feel good about them. They walk proudly they have the charisma that easily attracts attention.

They are full of confidence. Alpha males always up for leadership. They love to be with people who praise them. They focus on words like ‘I’ and ‘me’ rather than ‘we’ and ‘us’.

They are the egoistic person that’s why it is very hard to work with them. They lack certain emotions. Everything with them is challenging they want to be best in everything they do. Every man out there wants to be alpha male.

Perfect Example: George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Oceans 11

Beta Male

Beta male is a familiar word for “Teen Wolf” fan. People assume that they lack confidence, they are not as strong as the alpha male. They are wannabe alpha male. They become insecure when alpha males around them. Females don’t find them as attractive as alpha males. These all are the misconceptions about beta males.

beta male

According to human behavior experts, a beta male is someone who is second in command in a group after alpha male. They always follow the lead of the alpha male. A beta male lacks the confidence to make a decision.

Beta males are the more quirky, introvert, and kind type of guy. They are more reliable and creative. They appreciate every little thing. Where alpha males considered to be self-centered beta males always think about others. Because they think they are not as good as alpha male but that’s what makes them more reliable. A beta male lacks many good qualities but they always try to make their self-better.

Perfect Example: Chandler Bing (FRIENDS)

Gamma Male

Sort of invisible guy. No one ever notices them. They are to shy to start a conversation with anyone. There is nothing special about them. The only good thing about them is they can blend in with any crowd. Gamma male is not born leader but they can take on any tasks depending upon the situation. They more like a submissive male in nature.

gamma male

Gamma male wants to accomplish their goals. But they lack will power. They don’t want to go extra miles to achieve their goals. They keep their opinion to themselves. 

Gamma male loses self-esteem because they think they don’t get what they are working for. Gamma male enjoys their company. They don’t care what people think about them. They are very sensitive in nature.

Gamma males considered adventoures and fun-loving. They always give priority to their loved ones.

Omega Male

Some considered omega males as a mixture of Alpha males and beta males. They have qualities of both males. Some considered them as the opposite of alpha males. But in reality, they have no desire to become alpha or beta males. They are confident and capable male they don’t seek approval from society. They considered themselves superior then society.

omega male

They are too lazy to act on things. Omega males considered intelligent. Omega males lack ambitions they set their own goals. They are the nerdy type of guy. They have a vast knowledge of comics, movies, or video games. Omega males have zero impact or role in social life. They are kind of a loner. They don’t have the desire to become the best performer or best leader.

They are fun-loving but non-aspirational. Following the tradition of society is not their cup of tea. Omega males are mysterious. It’s very hard to understand an omega male because they keep their life private. They trust few people and they can emotionally distance themselves from others.

Sigma Male

Sigma males are the manipulative mastermind. They do things for themselves. They can lead better than alpha male but they don’t compete with anyone. Sigma males are charismatic in nature. They are self-sufficient they don’t need anything from anyone. Sigma male doesn’t socialize.

sigma male

When it comes to performing it doesn’t matter if they play in a group or solo. They always outperform everyone. If they think something is wrong they take a stand for it. It doesn’t matter how it’ll affect others.

They don’t try to blend in the crowd. People respect sigma male because they are straight forward in nature. They don’t believe in pleasing people. They can easily manipulate people. They are not a leader or follower they do what they pleased.

They are not shy instead they don’t waste their energy on people. Their traits are similar to alpha males. But they don’t try to prove themself.  Sigma males are solo travelers.

So, Which kind of male are you according to your traits?            

gamma male

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