Best 9 candy box subscription services similar to universal yums, snack crate, and yummy bazaar.

Best 9 candy box subscription services similar to universal yums, snack crate, and yummy bazaar.

If you all have sweet tooth or have a special place in your heart for candies, cookies, and snacks this post will cheer you up. Because we brought you a list of best candy subscription services like Snack Crate, Universal yums, World box, and yummy bazaar. The easiest way to understand the food culture of any country is through its snack.

What is the candy box subscription service?

Snack Crate, (Universal yums) is a monthly candy subscription service.  Which provides a box of candies from around the world. They have different types of plans as per your needs.

Source- Bokksu

These companies send you different types of candies including pea crackers, seaweed sticks, corn candy. You can enjoy different types of flavored candies around the globe. You can also opt for some savory or spicy chips if you want other than that they provide all types of gummies.

Check out the list of some best candy box subscription service around the globe.

1. Universal Yums                     

universalyums universal yums

Universal Yums founded in 2014  by a lovely couple (Monique and Eli). If you want to have a taste of different candies around the world and you don’t want to leave your bedroom. Then universal yums is for you. You’ll receive candies from different countries every month.

Bonus:- In every box you’ll get a guide book filled with recipes, trivia, and more. So that you can enjoy your candy while doing activities.

What it costs: $14 -$36 a month.

2. Yummy Bazaar

yummy bazaar
Source- Yummy Bazaar

Yummy bazaar offers have four kinds of boxes France box, Italy box, Germany box, and around the world box. So if you love France or Italy you can stick with these boxes. But if you want to try something new every month you can opt for around the world box.

Around the world box

Bring some of the best tastes in the world to your table and enjoy all the flavors that are offered! From snacks to beverages to cooking ingredients, you will experience a curated selection of hard-to-find gourmet goods from around the world.

Bonus- You can always add some freebies to your cart provided by the yummy bazaar.

3. Bokksu

Source- Bokksu

Bokksu delivers the flavor of japan from the oldest Japanese candy companies. Best thing bokksu is it delivers theme-based boxes. Every month you’ll get something different according to their theme. The candy box of Bokksu is best because you won’t find these candies in the local market. 

What it costs: Starts at $24.99 a month.

4. Candy Club Box

candy club box
Source- Candy Club

Candy club box offers only 2 types of boxes fun box and party box. But if you are really a fan of candies you should visit their site. They have lots of varieties of candies. They send all kinds of sweet gummy candies. Other than that they also offered sour candies and vintage candies.

What it costs: Starts at $29.99 a month.

5. Munch Addict

munch addict
Source- Munch Addict

If you too confused to pick a country for your snack. You can always depend on munchaddict. Their mystery box feature will send you a box randomly from around the globe. From Japan to Mexico and you’ll fall in love with every new box. Their cheapest box you can get at just $10.

What it costs: $10-$30 a month.

6. The Goodsmart

the goodsmart
Source- The goodsmart

Goodsmart is for you. Choose a box ($20, $40 or $60) The Goodsmart fill this box with your favorite snacks. If you need candy that fits your dietary needs. You can select from vegan, gluten-free, paleo/low sugar, or anything else as per your need.

What it costs: $20-$60 a month.

7. Japan Candy box

japan candy box
Source- Japan Candy Box

When it comes to candy Japanese candies considered as best. In japan candy box you’ll get a mixture of different types of candies. They have large varieties of candies like Delicious chewy candy, Japanese sour candy, Popular pretz flavor, Japanese sweets. Other than that you’ll get different flavors of KitKat and you won’t find these candies in the local market.

What it costs: $19.90 a month.

Honorable Mention

8. Gummi Fun Mix

gummi fun mix
Source- Gummi fun mix

Gummi fun mix doesn’t provide box subscription service. But its heaven for all gummy candies lovers. They have varieties of gummi like sour gammi fun mix, gummi party, gummy soda pops, seriously sour, and much more.

Mix it Up. Mash it Up. Live it UP with the great-tasting combinations of fun and flavor and over 60 gummies in 5 fun mixes!

9. Tokyo Treat

tokyo treat
Source- Tokyo Treat

In Tokyo treat box you’ll get tons of season and exclusive flavored snacks. You’ll get flavored oreo biscuits that are hard to find anywhere. You’ll get bite-size Japanese snacks that will rock your mood. Tokyo teat also sends Japanese flavored cold drinks.

What it costs: $22.50-$35 a month.

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