6 Places You Must Visit in Switzerland

6 Places You Must Visit in Switzerland

6 Places You Must Visit in Switzerland

6 Places You Must Visit in Switzerland

For many, Switzerland has become one of the prime tourist destinations because of its nature, culture, and business opportunities. The latest studies suggest that Swiss is one of the best countries in the world when talking about the standard and the quality of life. Besides, people of all nations and races are welcome and even celebrated here, which is why the term multicultural describes this country very well.

It is divided into 26 regions named cantons, and each possesses different laws and features.

Switzerland has four national languages, including German ( Swiss German), French, Italian, and Romansh.

It isn’t easy to single out the best places to tour in Swiss, but we tried our best to select our favorites. Check out this list (Places You Must Visit in Switzerland) if you plan on visiting this lovely country soon.

1. Luzern

When talking about Luzern, we must say this is one of the most beautiful destinations not only in Swiss but in the whole of Europe. It is located in central Switzerland,  the most spoken language is German, and it is the chief city of this canton with around 84000 people. What makes Luzern famous is Lake Luzerne, even locals tend to visit often. Besides the lake, this city merges medieval spirit and modern values, so if you are interested in history, you won’t regret spending your time here.


Talking about famous cities in Swiss we must mention Bern. Some travel enthusiasts describe it as one of the most underrated cities in Europe. It has a very accessible location generally and many famous sights. The official language is German, and don’t forget to plan out your day since it is quite significant. One of the reasons you should put Bern on your list is that the Alps are very close and you can easily extend your trip after sightseeing this gorgeous city. Oh, and Bern is the origin of one of the world’s most famous chocolate bars-Toblerone.

3.The Alps

We are sure you are familiar with this always popular travel destination. The Alps are known for their magnificence, splendid view, and skiing. Numerous ski events and ski resorts alongside wellness spas and climbing tours are only some opportunities this mountain chain offers. They say the Alps are the roof of Europe, and you should see for yourself why this saying is globally famous. People all around the world come here to spend their free time and enjoy it. Fun fact: Swiss Alps cover around 60% of Switzerland, making them a synonym for this country. Famous Alpine lakes are Lake Como and Lake Geneva- nature must really love Switzerland.

4.Lake Geneva

They say you can easily fall in love with Lake Geneva. This lake is bottomless, and it is situated on the north side of the Alps ( making it both French and Swiss). It is divided into three parts, depending on its geographic characteristics. For watersports lovers, this is an ideal place to visit since it includes many beaches, chlorine pools, and a big swimming area. Don’t worry about food since there are numerous restaurants here.


Zurich is our personal favorite on this list. You must wonder why? When talking about nature, Lake Zurich may be the first reason since even Swiss people tend to spend their vacation here. It is a swimming area, but if you don’t plan to take a dip here, chill on the shore side in one of the most prime cafes and restaurants in this city.

For history lovers, visiting the Old Town should be on the top of your list regarding Zurich. It is divided into two parts separating medieval from its modern area, including many churches and sights that will leave you speechless.

If you are a natural food lover, Zurich has plenty of restaurants offering various traditional dishes you must try. On the other hand, individuals who are not prone to experimenting can comfortably dine at international cuisine restaurants.

Since Switzerland’s history and culture are ancient and rich with many events, downturns, and upturns, Zurich holds more than 50 museums you can attend.

Adolescents tend to enjoy Zurich West, which was an industrial area a couple of decades ago. Today, it presents one of the most modern and upgoing parts of town full of shopping centers, viaducts, and cafes.

When talking about younger age groups, don’t miss out on Street Parade, where famous bands and artists perform every year following a 3km route around the heart of town.

Shopping enthusiasts should visit Bahnhofstrasse, where most popular luxury clothing brands are well established alongside many local food stands. One part of Bahnhofstrasse is unique because it holds the Swiss most expensive real estate market and is the meeting point for business people worldwide. Many business-driven people head straight here from the airport. Make sure you arrive in style since Swiss value appearance more than the average European entrepreneur.

Insomniacs will enjoy Langstrasse, known as the street that never sleeps for a reason offering a wide range of nightlife possibilities.


One of the most unconventional cities in Europe is Basel.

Located on the Rhine river, it is the third-largest town in Swiss. Basel has three parts since it belongs to not only Swiss but France and Germany two. Very famous for the art scene, it hosts Art Basel night, which artisans must visit at least once in their lifetime. Although rich in History, Marketplatz is a diverse market every food lover will enjoy, and the architecture of the whole town is quite amazing and worth seeing.

When talking about carnivals, Basel is the home for Switzerland’s most famous festival, Basler Fasnacht lasting for three whole days.

Besides vibrant pop and art culture, Basel is a bilingual town, meaning you can choose which language soothes you best, French or German, proving how diverse this country is. Don’t be surprised if it gets crowded since this is a favorite place for a lot of tourists.

Fun Fact: Roger Federer was born here, one of Switzerland’s most popular sportspersons.

Basel is a perfect location to end your route since it holds an international airport.

Switzerland is a beautiful country and there are literally endless opportunities and places to see. In case you’d like to learn even more destinations, you can read about must-go places in Switzerland. Let us know what you think about this list in the comment sections, and don’t forget to add your personal favorites.

6 Places You Must Visit in Switzerland

Places You Must Visit in Switzerland

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