5 Different Ways in Which Unhealed Trauma Can Affect Us

5 Different Ways in Which Unhealed Trauma Can Affect Us

5 Different Ways in Which Unhealed Trauma Can Affect Us

We all know about trauma its a very disturbing experience it could be very distressing for the person who is facing it. But good about trauma it can be healed. Sometimes it’s just in our mind and we are unhappy because we want to be, as people say we are the architecture of our unhappiness.

But sometimes we ignore trauma and we left it unhealed. And it’s not good for any person.

In this article, we’ll talk about the effect of unhealed trauma and how unhealed trauma can impact us.

5 Ways Unhealed Trauma Affects Us

Have you ever lost a loved one or a significant relationship? Or maybe you were rejected by the person you fell in love with … Were you treated unfairly by your parents when you were a child?

After any traumatic event, it is important to work on the necessary healing. Unhealed trauma can affect our brains and lives in many ways, and unfortunately, they will not go away on their own. So, here are 5 ways that unhealed trauma affects us

1. Potential violent manifestations

Have you ever wondered why certain people resort to violence and aggression? There is an emotional center in our brain called the amygdala.

Although the amygdala can choose to express many emotions, it tends to play a prominent role in fear and aggression.

Unhealed traumas tend to intensify these negative emotions in the brain, such as fear, anxiety, agitation, stress, etc.

According to Carolyne Yoder of Peace After Trauma, when trauma remains unhealed, a normal reaction to stress from trauma can degenerate into acts of violence.

Yoder says this type of violence can be transmitted over generations, so she suggests you try to interrupt the cycle and heal as quickly as possible.

2. The potential development of PTSD

It is normal to feel scared in a traumatic situation. But you often feel stressed or scared, even when you are not in real danger.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the best-known consequences of trauma. But did you know that PTSD is actually the result of unhealed traumas?

This anxiety disorder can manifest in many ways. The common symptoms of PTSD are nightmares, fragments of memories trauma avoidance, and emotional anesthesia.

There are many layers of complexity involved in PTSD. For more information on this disorder, check out some of the other videos, such as “5 types of PTSD”.

3. Potential substance abuse

Self-medication is a common defense mechanism for unhealed traumas. Unhealed traumas make our reactions to stress even weaker and can lead to substance abuse.

People use drugs or alcohol for many reasons, usually as attempts to replace emotions and to avoid the constant impact of trauma. Substance abuse is dangerous and maybe quickly become addictive.

If you suffer from substance abuse or unhealed traumas, effective ways to combat them are cognitive-behavioral therapy and treatment programs.

4. Unhealed traumas have several side effects on very sensitive people

Highly sensitive people, called HSPs (highly sensitive people), tend to feel more intense: the good ones, the bad ones, and everything in between.

When it comes to trauma, this trend, unfortunately, continues to apply. After Brook Nielsen of Highly Sensitive Refuge, the brain characteristics of very sensitive people may be exacerbated by unhealed trauma.

As examples, there are traits such as emotional reactivity and anxiety. If you are HSP and you are struggling with the effects of unhealed trauma, remember to be gentle with yourself.

There are resources that can help you overcome these exhausting emotions. And with healing, love, and self-compassion, you will be fine.

5. Potential physical health problems

Did you know that trauma also affects the body, how does it affect the mind? According to a study by Harvard Health, many people experience behavioral and physical changes, such as overeating, increased adrenaline production and even more inflammation due to unhealed trauma.

This mixture predisposes to a number of diseases and somatic disorders such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart attack.

To avoid these predispositions, it is important to try to get help and heal past traumas.

5 Ways Unhealed Trauma Affects Us


It is very unhealthy to ignore any kind of mental problem. You think its okay to ignore little things but what you don’t realize that these little things can affect your life very badly. So it is necessary to fix things that are affecting you.

The Harvard Health study suggests some resources to overcome common barriers in healing.

These include the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and the National Center for PTSD.

The links to these websites are in the description below. Did you resonate with any of the things explained in this article? Did we miss any of the potential effects of unhealed trauma? Tell us in the comments below. References and studies used in this article are added in the description below.

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