10 misconceptions about INFJs no one believes.

10 misconceptions about INFJs no one believes.

What misconceptions have you come to believe in, or better what truths did you find out to be false about yourself?

People have believed a lot of misconceptions in their lives. Some were implanted, while others they made up by themselves.

misconceptions about INFJs

Today in this article we are going to explain you 10 misconceptions about INFJs no one believes.

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10 misconceptions about INFJs:

10. Too Sensitive

Too Sensitive

Being sensitive can sometimes be perceived as being too delicate and not being able to handle tough situations.

However, avoiding rough and tough circumstances is just close to impossible as life is quite unpredictable. No matter how one prepares for it.

Which, then leaves the INFJ somehow feeling hopeless and unsure of their capability. They may choose to avoid any uncomfortable engagements which can actually be beneficial to them in the long run.

9. Too many emotions

Too many emotions

INFJs are emotional to some extent however, this fact can be blown out of proportion, that it totally becomes an illusion that many people including INFJ come to accept. That’s why they often end up doing what other people expect them to do to overlap and be easily affected by people and events.

Now, INFJ tears up after seeing a touching scene or maybe still be fuming after some hours or maybe even days after a heated argument with someone.

However, they don’t usually let these emotions control them and interfere with their daily functioning.

They’re quite capable of managing whatever they are feeling at that moment in order to deal with their current situation effectively.

So, yes one might even call it a common misconception too but even if INFJs are more inclined to feel things compared to other personality types it doesn’t make them overly emotional right away.

8. Total recluse

Total recluse

Again, here we are with the private sides of the INFJ they may like being alone, spending a lot of time in their own preferred spaces, but they’re actually far from being a hermit.

In fact, they’re commonly known as the sociable introverts and may be mistaken as extroverts, with the way they interact or socialize with people at times.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that INFJs willingly socialized all the time sometimes, they’re just like many of us forced into situations they don’t really want to get involved in but have little or no choice on the matter.

So calling them a total recluse may just be too much.

7. Live inside their head

Live inside their head

One of the activities which INFJs would love to do is definitely think, plan, and even daydream. Well, this is just other one of the misconceptions about INFJs.

However, one misconception is about them, that bothers INFJs so much is that they constantly live inside their heads.

Basically it’s accusing them that they’re all about planning but not the execution. This isn’t true at all remember that INFJs also have a streak of perfectionism in them.

If they can have their way, they will do everything in their own power to achieve and do what must be done.

Yes, they may spend a considerable amount of time thinking but they also spend a lot of time struggling and facing the real world.

6. Not a good leader

Not a good leader

Just because someone is introverted soft-spoken and sensitive doesn’t mean they can’t lead people right.

There are a lot of leadership qualities out there, and INFJs for sure have some of it, if not most of those qualities.

Taking the lead means a lot and it demands lots of responsibility, decision-making ability from that person. People think INFJs are not good decision-makers.

And though, the INFJ may have his or her limitations they’re quite capable of stretching their boundaries and running the extra mile when they’re given a task. Not to mention that they are also intuitive and are able to sense the people around them.

Which they can take to their advantage when they’re given the opportunity to lead. And INFJs are good leaders, for example, Mahatma Gandhi. So we can say for sure that it’s another one of the misconceptions about INFJs.

5. Can’t get along with others

Can't get along with others

INFJ can be choosy with their company, unlike other personality types they don’t easily blend in with other people.

However, being someone who is close to impossible to get along with it isn’t really true. INFJs are in fact likely to form close and deep bonds with the people around them, although they may be just a few of them.

Sure they can be challenging at times with their hot and cold moods. You surely know about the famous door slam if nor read about it here. But even the INFJ can take down their pride and set aside their perfectionist sides to win someone over.

They will willingly serve others and be warm and approachable they might even open up first. Which doesn’t really happen a lot.

4. Not flexible enough

Not flexible enough

Now, this doesn’t pertain to their physical flexibility. INFJ can sometimes stick too closely to their own schedules and plans, but sometimes they find some difficulty when it comes to going with the flow. But believing something like this can definitely hinder INFJ’s growth.

They might continue living thinking that they’re just too rigid and unsuitable for the unplanned, and the unexpected moments of life. That can happen pretty often and it affects their actions, behaviors, habits.

3. Weird in nature

Weird in nature

They are so complex in nature that it isn’t so weird to find INFJ to be a little strange? This is one of the common misconceptions about INFJs.

Their mood swings, their thoughts, their sensitivity, and their intuition all these things make them so defensive. And people think INFJs are weird. Well, it’s another one of the misconceptions about INFJs.

The society also has its own ways to discourage and blind a person, in believing that no matter how unique they are or their qualities are they can never make it.

That they won’t be able to make a difference, make a ripple in the world’s great ocean. When they’re discouraged or down, they react in a different way and people think they are weird.

They might even allow themselves to do a little pity party, and later they are unable to get out from that pit that they dig and throw themselves in.

That’s part of the danger in that, however, INFJ needs to balance themselves especially when negative and depressing thoughts start to appear and affect them.

2. Highly organized

Highly organized

This is one of the common misconceptions about INFJs. Since INFJs are more structured than unorganized they’re often pictured as people who are neat and tidy.

But in reality, it just seems to be, too picture-perfect even for the INFJ. Because they can be messy too and they can create chaos and even live with it if they must.

Some INFJs may feel a bit pressured in trying to keep up with that notion but the thing is, they really shouldn’t.

Because they’re not totally organized all the time in the first place. Contrary to this notion, INFJs actually welcome a bit of chaos in their lives.

They have this sort of meter where they set how much mess they can tolerate.

1. Always think they are right

Always think they are right

This is a big misconception, and not only for the INFJs.

It’s painful to think that one can live life believing that they’re always correct.

And sadly, INFJs are not exempted from this little truth. Because of their intuition, high sensitivity, and intellect, INFJs are less likely to be swayed and influenced by other people.

And, this may also root from their own thinking that they’re hardly wrong. If INFJ wants to progress and grow they must accept their own limitations.

And, learn not always be “right”. Because people learn from their mistakes. And, being always right can make one lose a lot of people from their life.

These are 10 misconceptions about INFJs.

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